SAP Internship Experience Program

Designing for data & analytics products within the SAP Business Technology Platform

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Disclaimer: While all my projects are under NDA, I can only provide a general overview of what I did, along with the things I learned.

Disclaimer: While all my projects are under NDA, I can only provide a general overview of what I did, along with the things I learned.


During my time at SAP Vancouver, I worked on data and analytics products within the SAP Business Technology Platform, namely, SAP Analytics Cloud and SAP Data Warehouse Cloud.

My Role: UX Design Intern

Timeline: September 2021 - Present

The Team

I'm part of the Common Data Services or Platform cluster within the SAP Analytics Cloud design team.

We focus on areas around cross-application infrastructure, discovery, navigation, homepages, sharing, user management, etc.

At SAP, interns are fully immersed in real-world projects for real customers. I was lucky to have been given a wide range of learning opportunities, and have a variety of responsibilities outside of product design - like leading a UX task and doing UX research for SAC.

What I've done so far

Designed cross-application web experiences 👩‍💻

I conceptualized and delivered materials at various levels of fidelity, from workflows and quick prototypes to polished UX design specifications. I was lucky to have been given the opportunity to design for current and upcoming analytics products within SAP's Business Technology Platform.

Collaborated with stakeholders 🤝

I worked closely with UX designers, developers, and product managers to align with time-sensitive scope changes, take and implement feedback, and ship quality designs.

Worked with UX Researchers 🔎

I evaluated SAP Analytics Cloud's customer insights with a team of Senior UX researchers to identify areas of improvement and propose data-driven solutions.

Complied with the company's design standards ✅

I designed within the SAP Fiori guidelines (SAP's global design system) to ensure that visual components on the interface are consistent with other SAP products.

What I've learned so far

Advocate for UX 🙋‍♀️

I learned how to negotiate with stakeholders, defend design decisions, and advocate for the user experience, especially when priorities begin to change.

Hold your ground ⚖️

Designers are taught to take feedback and implement it, so making changes based on feedback is a common reaction. However, I learned that it's equally important to evaluate these insights and hold your ground on things that make sense.

Embrace impostor syndrome 🫂

Embracing imposter syndrome helped me understand the value that I brought to the table. Upon realizing this, I was able to turn discomfort into growth and present myself as confident even in high-pressure and high-stress situations.

Design is a success driver, not just a supporting factor 🌟

You can’t build a well-structured house without a plan to follow, in the same way, you can’t develop a functional product without a design in place. As UX designers, it's our job to ensure that design will have a "seat at the table" when it comes to planning the project roadmap.

Want to learn more about my design process at SAP?
Schedule a 30-min chat and I'd be happy to talk more about my process in detail!

Volunteering for the SAP Community

I wanted to make the most out of the learning opportunities at SAP and I'm currently doing some volunteer work alongside my formal role.

d-Shop @ SAP Vancouver

What is d-Shop? 🛠

d-Shop is SAP's pioneer maker space. Their mission is to "enable interest in technology by bringing the latest tech concepts and devices closer to everyone."

My project & role 👩‍⚕️

  • October 2021 - Present

  • I work as a UX designer on a project called "Murray Link," which focuses on understanding how we can apply blockchain technology to streamline the organ transplant scene in Canada.

  • My role consists of envisioning workflows for Murray Link's key users (nurses & doctors) and using Google's Material Design Guidelines to collaboratively build a complete design system with a fellow UX designer on the team.

Intern Committee @ SAP Canada

Communications Lead ✍️

  • January 2022 - Present

  • Created compelling bi-weekly newsletters for SAP interns in Canada.

  • Created and wrote email invitations for virtual SAP Canada intern events.

  • Wrote content for SAP iXp's Slack Challenges, a 3-week long asynchronous social event through the Slack app.

Event Manager 📅

  • November 2021 - January 2022

  • Planned and managed virtual social events to increase engagement within the Canadian intern community.


While my SAP internship has been filled with curiosity, exploration, collaboration, and continuous learning, I am actively seeking full-time UX or Product Design opportunities that will allow me to grow further after my internship.

I'd be happy to talk more about my experiences and discuss potential collaborations. Feel free to send me an email or check out my resume!