Landing pages for GameJobs.Ninja’s upcoming hiring platform for game industry professionals.

Coming Soon Landing Page

Coming Soon Landing Page


The Company: GameJobs.Ninja is an upcoming Vancouver-based tech startup that aims to provide a one-stop platform for hiring game industry talent.

Target Users: Hiring professionals (employers/recruiters) and job-seekers (designers, developers, producers, etc.) in the game industry.

My Role: UX/UI designer

Practices: UX/UI Design, Visual Design

Timeline: 12 weeks, January 2021-April 2021

Statement of Confidentiality
The visual samples within this section of my portfolio must remain confidential.

Permission has been granted by GameJobs.Ninja for this portfolio to be used as a demonstration of my work, but images of the project process and outcome may only be shared in a live setting to reduce the risk of duplication. Because of this, I will be providing a general summary of the project, as well as my role and responsibilities below.
Existing Style Guide

Existing Style Guide

Design Challenge

How might we design engaging landing pages for GameJobs.Ninja’s platform to encourage users to sign up? 

Existing Design Language

At the time of the project, the team had a limited style guide and design system for me to use and refine.

Process & Summary of Work

My role focused on designing GameJobs.Ninja's web experience and visual design for the platform's landing pages and introductory screens (pre-sign up). On the day-to-day, I worked independently and received daily feedback from the CEO/PM and fellow UX/UI Designer, who was in charge of the internal platform (post-signup). We collaboratively built and refined a design system on Figma working cross-functionally with the company’s development team.

Working at this start-up gave me the opportunity to wear a lot of hats, which also required me to stay flexible as tasks can be broad. Here's a summary of my process:

January 2021

  • Competitive research

  • Data analysis

  • Information architecture

  • Wireframes

February 2021

  • Style guide creation

  • Medium-fidelity mockups

  • Testing and feedback

  • Visual design

March 2021

  • Coming Soon page redesign & handoff

  • Illustrated visuals & icons

  • Design system refinement

April 2021

  • UX Writing

  • Interactive Prototype

  • Visual Design Refinement

  • Final Handoff

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I delivered high-fidelity interactive prototypes for the employers’ and job seekers’ landing pages (web/mobile), introductory screens like the About and Pricing pages (web), and redesigned their company's branding and visuals.

Closing thoughts

Designing introductory screens, which would be the users’ first impression of a product, felt like a lot of pressure (and was a bit intimidating at first). However, I looked at it as an opportunity to challenge myself since I haven’t spent a lot of time on this portion of a product in previous design projects.

Overall, I enjoyed how focused this task was because I was able to refine every aspect in detail. It also made me aware of how articulate I can be while trying to accomplish this broad task and the responsibilities that fall under it.

Key skills I learned from this experience

UX writing, typography/type scale, handing off work to development, use of constraints, auto-layout, and fixed/scrolls on Figma.

What I wish was done differently

It was a great learning experience overall, but since it was a small start-up, I spent most of my time working independently and getting feedback from the CEO and the design & engineering team after my tasks have been accomplished. I would love to experience working collaboratively with a design team, as I think it would give me more opportunities to grow and learn from others.